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Healthdictive provides information on Simple, Effective home remedies.

Home remedies


Healthdictive is passionate about improving our lives with simple home remedies.

Some of the remedies have been found to be medically effective and safe.

Also, some of these remedies have been used for centuries in a lot of communities in different part of the world.

You will make better choices if you are well informed.

Some of the remedies may include the use of herbs or herbal supplements or may just be a simply prepared medication or tonic.

We believe that by doing this, we have contributed in our own little way in reducing the health burden of someone.

These remedies can be done at home, usually with common household herbs and ingredients to improve your health and well being.

Over the years, some have been established to be effective and safe. But some are just junk and marketing gimmicks.

As much as possible, we will avoid publishing remedies that are false and misleading.

Also note that the advice in these articles is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care.

Also, some home remedies truly can affect your health negatively or even may affect the actions of some medications., please let your doctor or other health care provider know about any home remedies you have tried for something they are treating.

Please not that these home remedies do not provide miracle cures and are not meant to take the place of the advice and treatments prescribed by your health-care professional. 

Example of Home Remedies

  • Guava leaves tea is effective for diarrhoea and palpitations .
  • Onions is an effective remedy for common cold.
  • Alligator pepper is effective for erectile dysfunction.
The remedy you need is right under your nose.
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