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How To Prevent Or Control Hypertension

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 This Book can save your life.

Ignorance kill more people than the sickness.

There are very vital and important information you need to know which your health provider ought to have told.

You will find more than you bargain for



This is not a hype or a scam to make you buy a product you will regret buying.

Having worked in the hospital for over 25 years, i have seen a lot of horrible cases as a result of hypertension, such as

  1. People dying from hypertension even though they take their drugs religiously
  2. Blood pressure remaining high despite all the medications they are taking
  3. People experiencing horrible side effects of drugs
  4. Swallowing 3 – 5 different drugs every day!!!!
  5. Spending so much time waiting for a few minutes with the doctor

And many more stories

What I really find so disheartening is the fact that the Doctor does not have enough time to tell you

You will learn so much you will wonder how you were able to survive.

Even if you do not have Hypertension, it is better prevented and so much is in this book.

The knowledge you gained is from over 25 years of practising in the hospital. And it is a bargain.


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