foods that lower high blood pressure

35 Foods That Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally.

Foods that lower high blood pressure naturally and quickly.

  1. Banana normalizes the heartbeat. It prevents arterial hypertension, stroke and even lower cholesterol level.
  1. Avocado pear
  2. Watermelon
  3. Sweet potato
  4. Guava
  5. Carrot contains several compounds that lower blood pressure.
  6. Plantain
  7. Grape help to strengthen the heart. We have found this useful in patients with angina, myocardial infarction, heart palpitation.
  1. Apple: contains high potassium and low sodium. This is valuable for hypertensive patients. It is a good supplement. It increases urine secretion, which helps in lowering blood pressure.

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Herbs that can reduce high blood pressure.


  1. Mistletoe is an excellent herb that can reduce high blood pressure, and it is good for the circulatory system. It promotes blood to the brain and heart, especially those suffering from coronary arteries and angina pectoris. Mistletoe promotes blood circulation to the brain and heart, especially those with coronary heart disease. It also normalizes the action of the heart and expands blood vessels so that the blood pressure falls down. Simply infuse three teaspoonfuls in hot water for 10–15 minutes before drinking.

2. Guava leaves and fruit help to lower high blood pressure due to the presence of potassium and soluble fiber in guava. 

3. Sour sop leaves

Hibiscus leaves

4. Hibiscus leaves is use to make a popular drink called Zobo. This leaves is highly medicinal and contains a lot of anti oxidants. Studies have demonstrated its positive effect of lowering high blood

5. Sand paper leaves is one of the effective herbs that can reduce high blood pressure.

Squeeze fresh leaves in water and drink a glassful three times daily.

A teaspoonful of dried powdered leaf in a glass of boiling water, allow to cool. Take two glass cups daily.

6. Avocado pear leaves

Avocado pear leaves
Avocado pear leaves

7. Garlic is one of the food that lowers high blood pressure because it reduces bad cholesterol, reduces the tendency of the blood to clot and lowers the blood pressure moderately.


Garlic is more effective when crushed, and it has a wide effective dose range.

8. Ginger has been shown in many studies as one of the herbs that can reduce high blood pressure.


In a particular study, those who consumed the most ginger — 2–4 grams per day — had the lowest risk of developing high blood pressure.

9. Corn silk is the silky hair found on the husk of corn. Unlike most herbs, that can lower high blood pressure, most communities regard it as a waste.

Corn silk
Corn silk

It is rich in vitamin K. It acts as a diuretic. Simply infuse 100–200g in 1 Litre of hot water and allow to cool. Take one glass cup three times daily.

10. Chili Pepper

Chilli Pepper

Cayenne pepper is also known as Chili pepper. When you take chili pepper internally, it increases blood circulation and normalizes the action of the heart when taken alone or with other herbs. It also reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. You take as powder or tincture.




Onion reduces blood pressure by increasing the quantity of urine your produce. This acts like a diuretic.  As a result, Onion reduces blood pressure over time. 


Miracle leaves

Miracle or Air plant. Researchers showed this herb can reduce high blood pressure, confirming the use of this herb by Ibo and Yoruba in the management of hypertension in Nigeria.


Bitter melon leaves
Bitter melon leaves
Credit Wikipedia

Bitter melon leaves are used to treat different diseases, like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. Squeeze or blend the leaves in water, and taken two or three times a day.


Common Lantana
Common Lantana

Lantana camara leaves is one of the effective herbs that can reduce high blood pressure. This herb grows in the wild, and most people pay little attention to it. You take it as tea twice a day.  


15. Turmeric is a spice, and we also know it as yellow ginger. Turmeric is one of the herbs that can reduce high blood pressure, because a study showed that turmeric reduces systolic blood pressure when taken for a long time. Turmeric helps prevent blockage of arteries that can gradually cause a heart attack or stroke. You can take turmeric as powder or eat it raw. For turmeric to work effectively, you need to take it with black pepper or with food that contains oil or fat like milk.


Best cooking oil for high blood pressure.

One of the most important foods that lowers high blood pressure naturally and quickly is the cooking oil you use.

The most commercial vegetable oil sold are hydrogenated  (chemically modified to increase shelf life and save cost) and has been linked to several health challenges like heart diseases. 

The following oils contain high quantity of unsaturated fats which is good in preventing high level of bad cholesterol. 

  1. Coconut oil
Coconut oil
Coconut OIl

Coconut oil is one of the best cooking oils for high blood pressure. Even though coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids, the saturated fatty acid in coconut oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids, which is not stored in the body or increases the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

2. Olive oil chain

olive oil
Olive Oil

3. Canola oil

4. Soybean oil

5. Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil
Sunflower Oil

6. Palm kernel oil


Nuts and seeds for high blood pressure

Nuts and seeds
Nuts and seeds.

Nuts and seeds plays a vital role in foods that lowers high blood pressure because of the high content of Magnesium. Nuts and seeds are rich sources of Magnesium, which helps keep the blood vessels relax.

By adding nuts to your daily diet, you can be sure of improving your health naturally and quickly too. 

  1. Black seed
  2. Cashew nut
  3. Ground nut (Peanuts)
  4. Black beans
  5. Avocado pear seed

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