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10 Secrets Of A Lasting Good Health

Good health is not by accident but as a result of simply following basic feeding plan that is easy to follow. 

Due great improvement in medicines and break through in production of effective antibiotics, more people are living longer than previous years.  

Funny enough, more people are suffering from non communicable dieases like hypertension, diabetes, cancer. This can be attributed to the fact that quality of life inspite of progress in health care is very low.


Causes of poor health

  1. Junk food. More people now eat fast (junk) food due to its convience, marketing pressure of manufacturer, societal pressure,etc.  Fast food, though convienent, actually leads to poor health.
  2. Lack of exercise. According to WHO, lack of exercise is a major of health challenges like diabetes, hypertension, some cancers. More people living sedentary lives and work more in offices.
  3. High fat diet. Thanks to fast food and use of vegetable oils, the quantity of fast food eaten increased dramatically. Obesity increased with its attendant health problems.



Secrets of good health

  1. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, Whole cereals, tubers, legumes, nuts
  2. Reduce the amount of junk foods like white sugar,cakes, sweets, biscuits, and minerals as much as possible
  3. Don’t smoke and if you do stop smoking
  4. Avoid as much as possible alcoholic drinks
  5. Eat less of animal products like meat, turkey etc
  6. Limit the use of milk and milk products as much as possible
  7. Rest. It helps the body to cleanse itself of waste products and repair itself
  8. Reduce the amount of salt in your food
  9. Go for regular medical check up at least once in a year
  10. Exercise.
  11. It makes the body stronger. Lowers blood pressure. Reduce cholesterol. Reduce risk of heart attack, stroke. Helps control diabetes

Disclaimer: The medical information provided is for information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

Table salt – When It does more harm than good!!!

Table salt is a must in the food if we want people to eat whatever we cook. But we need to take a second look at the relationship between it and hypertension.

Table salt and Hypertension

Is Dietary Salt Associated With High Blood Pressure?

Studies have shown that high salt intake is associated with increased risk of high blood pressure and the efficacy of reducing salt intake in lowering blood pressure is well established.

How Does Salt Increase Blood Pressure?

Salt attracts water into the blood vessels thereby increasing the volume of blood in the body. This causes the heart to work harder to be able to pump more blood through the blood vessels.

What Are The Consequences Of High Salt Diet?

High salt intake is harmful to the body because
1. It causes the heart to increase in size.
2. It causes the blood vessels to thicken and become stiff.
3. It increases the severity of heart failure.
4. It increases the tendency of the platelets in the blood to stick together.
5. Accelerates the rate of kidney failure.
6. The arteries become narrow and thicken.
Increases the chances of stroke.

How Much Of Salt Should I Take?

The American Heart association recommends limiting daily sodium intake to not more than 1500mg. (A teaspoonful of salt has about 2400mg of sodium)

How Can I Reduce My Salt Intake?

1. Limit the amount of salt you consume.

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MSG – Is it safe for men


I stumbled on this research MSG and was shocked about the hamful effects of food seasoning on male fertility. If these researches are true, then a lot of boys that eat food containing this food seasoning would have fertility challenges in future.


Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), a sodium salt of glutamic acid is one of the main flavor enhancer used in various food products associated with food in Chinese restaurants. The flavor enhancer comes in common names such as Vedan, Sasa, Ajinomoto, Miwan and Weichaun, among others (Geha et al., 2000).

MSG gives a feeling of special taste (Leung and Foster, 1996). It stimulates taste, enhances and improves appetite (Eweka, 2007).

In large amount it may cause chest pain sensation, facial pressure, headaches, burning sensation, excessive fluid retention and sweating (Xiong et al., 2009), resulting in a condition called “Chinese restaurant syndrome”.

Most Nigerians use MSG to remove stains from fabrics (Kondoh and Torii, 2008). Reports indicated that Mis toxic to human and experizmental animals (Eweka, 2007). Harmful or toxic effects of MSG have been reported in experimental animals and man (Hayes, 1982; Eweka, 2007).

According to Igwebuike et al. (2011), the oral administration of MSG results in lower serum testosterone levels and reduction in the caudal epididymis sperm reserves of male rats. MSG causes testicular hemorrhage, degeneration and alteration of sperm population and morphology (Oforofuo et al., 1997;Das and Ghosh, 2010), hence could lead to infertility. MSG can severely destroy testicular tissues and affect spermatogenesis also causing a decrease in their testicular weight and testicular diameter, reduction in germinal epithelium height, decrease in sperm count and increase in abnormalities of sperm morphology (Das and Ghosh, 2010; Nosseir et al., 2012).

The best advice for men is to avoid food seasoning if they still want to become fathers.

Good lifestyle, Good health

Disclaimer: The medical information provided is for information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

10 healing benefits of eating Mango

  • Mango fruit (Mangifera indica) is a very popular and  nutritionous tropical fruit packed with a lot of health benefits.

A lot of people are not aware of the benefits of the Plant.

Every part of the tree is used to treat different types of ailments.

The leaves are used to

The bark  it is used in diphtheria and rheumatism.

Studies indicate mango possesses antidiabetic, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, cardiotonic, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory properties. Various effects like antibacterial, anti fungal, anthelmintic, anti parasitic, anti tumor, anti HIV, antibone resorption, antispasmodic, antipyretic, antidiarrhoeal, antiallergic, immunomodulation, hypolipidemic, anti microbial, hepatoprotective, gastroprotective have also been studied. These studies are very encouraging and indicate this herb should be studied more extensively to confirm these results and reveal other potential therapeutic effects.

Mango fruit Health benefits.

  1. Improve food digestion because it contains digestive enzymes which help in the break down of protein
  2. Reduces cholesterol due to its high content of fiber, pectin and Vitamin C
  3. Improve sex due to the Vitamin E content

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  1. Improves memory and ability to concentrate due to the adequate amount of Glutamate acid
  2. Helpful in the treatment of acne
  3. Has high iron content
  4. Good for people suffering from diabetes
  5. The anti oxidants in mango helps to prevent and protect against Colon, breast, Leukemia and prostate cancer  and other heart disease
  6. Good for improving eye sight because it contains Vitamin A


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7 Healing benefits of Soya Beans

 Soya bean is one of the most useful and popular legumes in the world. It has high level of protein, which makes it very nutritious.

It improves health greatly and can be used in both children and adults, irrespective of sex, age, occupation etc.

  •  Children
    1. Cures many childhood allergic reactions
    2. A good substitute for babies with intolerance to cow milk in infant formula
  • Women
    1. Maintain hormonal balance in women.
    2. Guards against loss of Calcium and bone density which leads to Osteoporosis.
    3. Helps to regulate menstrual cycle.
    4. Alleviate symptoms associated menopause.
    5. Protects against breast and uterine cancers.
  • Men
    1. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer
    2. Reduces the risk of heart attack
    3. Boost sperm count
  • Soya Contains a fairly large amount of carbohydrates and would be beneficial to diabetic patients
  • Soya is rich in iron and is beneficial in the treatment of anaemia.
  • Helps to boost immunity in Sickle cell patients and prevent relapse of crisis.

Rich in Vitamin B and would stimulate the growth of intestinal bacteria

Disclaimer: The medical information provided is for information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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