Laugh everyday and enjoy good health.


Laugh today and enjoy good health.

A good laugh a day, keeps the Doctor away

A merry heart not only makes your face to shine and be attractive, it also an effective medicine.

The Bible say

“A merry heart does good like medicine” Proverb 17:22.

Being Merry or cheerful is not only an effective drug, it actually makes the whole body healthy, brings healing, boost immunity, relieve tension, reduces stress and lights up the whole environment.

A good laugh not only exercises your lungs, it is a powerful weapon against depression, increases blood flow to different parts of the body.


So, choose today to be cheerful and have a good laugh no matter what happens, you have the power within you to be happy or sad.

While on the other hand, an angry, sad, bitter, unforgiving heart can really be a big burden to carry; it reduces your immunity, cause a lot of sickness like headaches, ulcers, depression, cancer etc.

You can have a good laugh by watching in a hilarious comedy, get around cheerful friends, or simply go down the memory lane and relive all those happy days and laugh

Therefore have a good laugh each day and don’t take things too serious. Smile and laugh more, you will feel good about yourself and the whole world. Nobody likes to stay near a grouchy, frowning face.


Health Benefits of a Good Laugh

Reduces Tension and Stress

Laughter is helps to reduce the levels of stress.

You will agree with me that a good laugh is an ice breaker and tension reliever. I am sure you have been in a stressful situation and a good joke just relieves the tension and lighten the environment.

Makes you fun to be with.

Everyone likes to be around someone who is fun to be with. It makes you attractive socially and likeable. Anytime you appear, you are always greeted with a smile, giggle, chuckle without you saying anything.

And in a party or social gathering, you become the life of the event.

You will be surprised that it opens doors for you in unlikely places because people will want to associate with you.

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Heals emotional wounds.

A good laugh with someone or among people has a wonderful way of healing resentments, disagreements and pains. It can be counterproductive if it is done in bad faith and one needs to be sensitive to the feelings of others. But in reality, it can unite people in difficult times and help lift up a sad face.

Using humor to overcome challenges and enhance your life

We are all gifted and talented in different ways.

While making people laugh comes naturally to some like comedians, it is an impossibility for some.

Your ability to laugh, play, and have fun will makes life more enjoyable and greatly help you to solve problems, connect with others, and think more creatively. People who include humor, jokes and fun in their day to day activities discover that it improves their outlook of life and cope with challenges that life throws at them.

it is also a very good antidote for depression,

A Study showed that laughter therapy may decrease anxiety, stress, and depression and increase the quality of life in cancer patients.


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