Soya bean is one of the most useful and popular legumes in the world. It has high level of protein, which makes it very nutritious.

It improves health greatly and can be used in both children and adults, irrespective of sex, age, occupation etc.

  • ¬†Children
    1. Cures many childhood allergic reactions
    2. A good substitute for babies with intolerance to cow milk in infant formula
  • Women
    1. Maintain hormonal balance in women.
    2. Guards against loss of Calcium and bone density which leads to Osteoporosis.
    3. Helps to regulate menstrual cycle.
    4. Alleviate symptoms associated menopause.
    5. Protects against breast and uterine cancers.
  • Men
    1. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer
    2. Reduces the risk of heart attack
    3. Boost sperm count
  • Soya Contains a fairly large amount of carbohydrates and would be beneficial to diabetic patients
  • Soya is rich in iron and is beneficial in the treatment of anaemia.
  • Helps to boost immunity in Sickle cell patients and prevent relapse of crisis.

Rich in Vitamin B and would stimulate the growth of intestinal bacteria

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